Task 2: Source modeling and interpretation of lunar magnetic field measurements

In this task, magnetic field measurements acquired around the Moon are used to constrain models of some crustal magnetized sources. Different modeling approaches are applied at global, regional and local scales.

Magnetic properties derived from direct measurements on lunar rocks (from the literature and from task 1 of this project) are integrated in these models. We are also investigating the relationship between lunar magnetic anomalies and the Moon’s gravitational field using high-resolution data obtained from NASA’s lunar gravity mapping mission GRAIL (Gravity Recovery and Interior Laboratory, Zuber et al., 2013, Wieczorek et al., 2013).

Most of the work in this task will be performed by the ANR-funded postdoc during the second and third years of this project.

Participants are M. Wieczorek, Y. Quesnel, C. Bouligand and a post-doc.